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French Tutor?

As I've mentioned, my daughter is working toward an International Baccalaureate degree, which means taking college-level classes and then also doing well on a standardized test that is graded somewhere else (i.e. most likely out of the country). She apparently got the short end of the stick in terms of getting the least competent French teacher at her school, and has asked if we can find her a tutor. We're in Milwaukee, and the kid visits family in Chicago frequently on weekends. Does anyone in either area have any recommendations?

Also, with me still laid off, and her Dad selling produce in a grocery store (though he is a fabulous cook), someone open to taking all or part of their pay in some kind of trade or barter would be especially helpful. Oh--and my daughter is very good with kids and dogs; one possible barter item would be childcare or dog/cat-sitting. She's done both.

Hmm...I suppose something like this could even be set up via skype...
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