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Nothing's as Simple as it Should Be

Foodie Friend wants a cape before Halloween, and I have the skills, so we went to a fabric store to buy a pattern and fabric. I've made capes and robes before without patterns, but a pattern means he got to approve the look ahead of time and it should go relatively quickly, which, with autumn things to do and several short stories to finish and NaNoWriMo coming up, is a good thing.

And I determined his computer, though it's newer than mine, also does not have any form of SD slot, which I need to empty the micro-card that is now in my phone full of pictures. Hopefully the laptop that my kid's Dad got her will be able to let me transfer the photos to a USB drive.

I also got a submission into a contest on time (assuming I did the conversion for time zones correctly) and did other writerly correspondence and work.

And I fed and petted the feral kittens who still need homes. Today both purred at me.

We also got the first significant load of leaves on the roses, though naturally, just as we got outside it started to rain. Not much, thankfully, but still, there was wetness.

Tomorrow, there shall be Fireborn in this journal. Poor Orchid!

And tomorrow, I shall look at the sparkly dragon story to make sure the character's voices each work, and are consistent, and there are no eggregious typos or grammos, and whether I need to fix anything else to make the story hang together right.

And I shall finish cleaning herbs off the dining room table, wash it, and lay pattern pieces on cloth. And gulp big-time, like I always do when cutting into whole cloth, and then cut. Pin. Maybe even sew. I'm so casual about most sewing things; why do I always feel daunted when faced with whole sheets of brand-new cloth?
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