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Writing Wednesday

Today was productive, though it could have been better. Got 3286 words in on a new short story, which is now essentially finished in first draft.

Also got a bunch of Clockwork Dragon done, though somehow a couple thousand words didn't save properly the first time and I had to retype them. Ugh. No fair having my work vanish like that when I'm behind. But I'm now past the halfway mark.

Thinking of alliterative titles to help me post regularly; FridayFlash is obvious, and I wanted Whimsical Wednesday, but won't complaint too much about a Writing Wednesday with over 5000 words in it, especially with the stupid "where did all my work go" stumble in the middle.

P.S. Silly flash drive, I KNOW that if I had a newer computer, with a USB2 port, you could go faster. Do you have to taunt me every single time I plug you in?
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