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Song: Inn of the Stars

My NaNoWriMo novel has not been very cooperative, though I am liking what I've got so far. And I must admit it's not the novel's fault that last weekend I was so totally exhausted that I fell behind. So, writing a story for #FridayFlash wasn't in the cards.

However, going to the housefilk in Milwaukee this weekend reminded me that some of my songs are stories, so I thought I'd share one with you.

One of these days, I'll figure out a reasonable way to make an MP3--it won't happen right now, my last discovery about this computer is that the input female opening for a microphone jack is non-functional. But when I do, or if you find me at a con, I'll be happy to share a performance of the song.

Inn of the Stars

We saw Great Grandma once a year, when our cargo was Terra-bound.
She'd take us camping despite our fear of open sky and ground.
She taught us with stories, traditional lays of our people and how to live
We’d so much to say; we'd but ten days, ‘twas the best gift Gram could give

She'd sing, “Sleep in the Inn of the Stars”,
Though the starscape was blurred by the air.
And we'd sleep in the Inn of the Stars,
'Twas a view of our home, way down there.
Gram died one night while we were away, alone with her kin nowhere near
She left us her love, in a message to play, her last words that we'd ever hear

Now it's time that I join with the stars
And our ancestors through all time
To keep watch o'er the Inn of the Stars,
And this far-flung family of mine.
Our people have always wandered the world, so, follow your dreams as you roam,
And teach your children, as I've taught you girls, that all the stars are your home,

And she sang of the Inn of the Stars,
Our tribe's safe haven outside,
You can sleep in the Inn of the Stars,
Anywhere, in this cosmos so wide.

Now Iris has wed and settled on Mars, Ann's brought a beau to Mom's ship,
And I've joined a light-ship to head to far stars, though my children must finish the trip.

Still, we'll sleep in the Inn of the Stars,
Though far and wide we'll roam,
We'll all sleep in the Inn of the Stars,
For there we will be at home,
Wherever we are will be home.
Tune: Deirdre M. Murphy, 15 Nov. 1980; Revised Words: Deirdre M. Murphy, 21 Nov. 1999
Title from a story by H. M. Hoover. Chords: Dm and Am.
Copyright 1980 and 1999, Deirdre M. Murphy, all rights reserved.

Now, back to creating a higher word count!
Tags: filk, writing

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