wyld_dandelyon (wyld_dandelyon) wrote,

Seeking Advice

I'm excited--there is to be a #fridayflash "best of 2009" anthology. I of course want to submit some of my stories (I can submit up to three). I can also submit one to the 3rd Annual Micro Award.

But writers aren't very objective about their own stories. Though, come to think of it, my opinions about others' stories are subjective too...but I digress. Even without knowing how many authors disagree with their fans about which stories are their best work, I'm undecided. So I turn to my friends for their opinions.

Which ones should I submit? Please vote for no more than three. Feel free to leave comments, lobbying for your favorite(s), critiquing the one(s) you like least, or whatever. And if I left your favorite out of this not-very-short list, feel free to tell me that too.

Links to my flash fiction can be found here. In case anyone wants them. I don't know enough html to make the titles in the poll into links.

What's My Best 2009 Story?

Deep Dreams
Fluffy and the Terrorist
Fog and Lembas
Miller and the Monster
The Mountain's Fire and the Fireborn Puppetmaker
On the Shore
The Power of Pastry
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
Tags: #fridayflash, contests, flash fiction, writing

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