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One Bit at a Time

Well, although they're extending the deadline, I got my Why I Write essay in on time for the original deadline. Feel free to check it out. There will be voting in February, so I'll doubtless post this link again then, so if you're busy with holidays now, you can also check it out later. Of course, I'd have submitted it before Christmas, but the site went down--thus the deadline extension. But still, it's something accomplished, and especially this close to the new year, it's good to have one more thing done.

I also got artwork done for a contest entry. I'm wishing I could share it with you, because I'm pleased with how it came out, which is especially pleasing to me since I started feeling very uninspired. It's cool how things like that sometimes just work.

And frustrating when they don't.

The story I sent to The Beast Within II got held by the editor for a second read, but he decided it didn't fit the anthology as well as other stories he had. Now I have to figure out where to send it next.  But it was good of the editor to let me know he held it for a second read--personal rejection letters are a treasure (though, of course, not as shiny a treasure as an acceptance).

I rewrote (and re-titled) another story yesterday, and over the past few days have been redoing research for another incomplete short story, which I want to submit to an anthology that closes soon. Time to reorganize my cork board!

And I got more mundane errands run today, buying fish food while it's 40% off, a brief grocery run, going to the bank, all dull but necessary.  Now off to submit to that contest!



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Jan. 1st, 2010 04:37 am (UTC)
While the rejection letter is a bummer, you're right, the fact that he held it for a second read and sent a personal letter is a nice touch.

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