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I was sitting in my car, knowing I needed to get inside the grocery store before they closed to buy milk, but they were interviewing this scientist about looking for life deep under the sea, and sending a robot sub deep under the arctic ice, looking for warm spots due to volcanic vents, and life in those warm spots. He and his associates on the boat wanted to find something creepy and weird, like a three-eyed tube worm. And they found nothing. Across days and time zones they searched. Nothing. Then they got caught in this huge ice flow, and had to--well, flow--along with it. With nothing better to do, they sent the sub down where they were, instead of where they had planned to be--and found life. Beautiful fluffy yellow stuff.

And while I'm listening to this matter-of-fact scientist give long, lyrical descriptions of these fields of fluffy yellow stuff, a car goes zooming down the street, very very fast. Like, he would be speeding even if he was on the expressway. "Whoah! Dude!" I think. Then a cop-car goes whizzing by after him. "Good!" I think, still following the NPR article with most of my brain. The scientist's employees on the boat, he says, are kind of mad at him, because they wanted to find something cool and creepy, like the afore-mentioned mythical three-eyed tube worm, and instead they find beautiful fluffy stuff.

And two more cop cars go by, lights and sirens blaring. And as I turn the car off so I can buy milk before the store closes, two more. I get out and grab the bag with the coupons, and the bag with the cloth bags, and another cop goes by. Then another one as I get to the entry of the store.

I'm glad I got off that road and into the parking lot when I did!

I wonder if tomorrow's news will tell me what that was all about? The chase, I mean. Not the fluffy stuff. The last thing I heard before turning the car off was that the scientists eventually concluded that the fluffy stuff may be the oldest form of microbes on the planet.


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Jan. 9th, 2010 09:13 am (UTC)
This sounded so surreal. I'm glad you are ok. I thought it was a story at first and realised it wasn't.
Jan. 10th, 2010 04:24 am (UTC)
I suppose, with all the fiction here, I should note certain things non-fiction!
Jan. 11th, 2010 05:48 am (UTC)
LOL, usually I can tell but this one kept me going for awhile.
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