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Music, anyone?

Near my house there's a coffeehouse that is just called The Coffeehouse (though it's sometimes referred to as the 19th Street coffeehouse. It's in a church basement, and is only open 2 or 3 days on weekends, for folk music and sometimes poetry. I've opened for Susan Urban there a couple of times, alone or with filkart .

Every year they have a talent contest, and every year (for about a decade now) the final for the contest has fallen during Capricon.  So I think about entering it, singing a couple songs for a new audience, check the dates, and go to Capricon instead..

But this year the final is on the weekend after Capricon, so I sent in an e-mail.  There's two Fridays for auditions; they've scheduled me for Friday the 29th.  That's next week.  The music starts at 8; I have no idea where I'll be in the line-up.

So if you're in town, you're welcome to come cheer me on.  Or heckle me.  Whatever.


If I make it through the audition, I'll be in the contest on Saturday, February 20th.  I'll keep you updated.

And now I should practice a bit!

Oh--I'm definitely doing Coyote Afoot.  I'm considering what autoharp piece to do; anyone familiar with my repertoire is welcome to make suggestions.
Tags: coffeehouse, contests, filk, music

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