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Song: An Imbolc Tale

An Imbolc Tale
By: Deirdre M. Murphy

Come light a candle to remind us Spring will come
Come share a song, a dance, a rhythm on the drum
I’ll share a story on this frigid winter night,
The tale of a Goddess who would rather work than fight.

CHORUS:..........I am the fire in the poet’s heart
........................I am the passion from which all new things start
........................Whether you shape words or metals,.I am the flame
........................If you create something new, you invoke my name.

The Gods assembled to see which one was best
They held seven contests to see who could beat the rest
But Brighid stayed home, and stoked her hearth fires hot
With dinner cooking, planning beauty in her thought.


The tricksters told tall tales, none willing to concede
The Gods of weather made rain--more than anyone could need
The Goddesses of beauty preened while Hunters trapped and slew
While Brighid wrote a song, made bread, and set the mead to brew


At last, the war-Gods gave up, bruised and tired and sore
The Gods of sex and those of harvest vied no more
Worn out, the Gods all turned to the Judges with a sigh,
But the Gods of Wisdom fought and declared the games a tie.


Then Brighid rang a bell, new-forged in her hearth fire
The Gods and Goddesses found a feast to soothe their ire
And Brighid sang her song, which praised each one in turn
They cheered her as the best; gave her the winner’s urn.


Copyright ©2000 (April 19) Deirdre M. Murphy. Most Rights Reserved.

As always, I love to hear from you!

Edit:  If you want chords, contact me.  I'm willing to share, but not to spend an hour fiddling to get them over the right words in LJ.
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