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Next week: Torn World Muse Fusion

Next week we'll have the first Torn World Muse Fusion on Tuesday, February 9. You will be invited to leave prompts for the contributors who will be making sketches, poems, flash fiction, and perhaps more.

I invite you to check out the Torn World website before the Muse Fusion event.  It's www.tornworld.net.  If you're not sure what to do first, I suggest starting with the stories, poems, and artwork.  After that, check out characters and background information.  There are forums too, you're welcome to join in our discussions, and let us know what would make the site more friendly or fun. 

One of the things that's exciting about Torn World is getting to brainstorm with other people in a common setting.  In the Muse Fusion event, we invite everyone to join in the fun.

All the writers and artists who will be responding to prompts for the Muse Fusion event are registered Torn World creators.*  You can find some of our work on the site, even though the site has only been open for a month! 

The event will happen on LJ, and the post will be up on the tornworld community** when the first of us wakes up.  We'll stay open until the last of us is ready to call it quits.

Everyone is welcome to leave prompts, so I hope you'll visit us on Tuesday!

If you're not sure what to prompt, you could ask questions about Torn World, or pick your favorite adoptable character. Or ask for a new situation or character.

*If you want to become a Torn World creator, you can!  You have to register on tornworld.net.  If you have trouble finding your way, ask EllenMillion for help.  You can ask me too, I'm Wyld_Dandelyon there as well as here, but she's the site admin.

** You can also join our LJ community for news and updates, including links to new stories, poems, and art.


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