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Torn World: The Raalyan

Last month's contest was to design one of the cultures that the Empire has assimilated over the years. The winner was my article about the Raalyan, inhabitants of the Riilass swamps, the originators of the Skycat stories, and practical jokers extraordinaire.

I promised a link once it was posted, so here it is:  The Raalyan.

Ellen Million and Elizabeth Barrette also had fiction posted today.  www.tornworld.net

Oh, and check out Valerie Higgins' poem, Bathing a Skycat  This is another of the works inspired by the Torn World Muse Fusion, and the first appearance of a skycat in someone else's words!  I'm tickled that someone else was inspired by my work.

(I'm not sure if Bathing a Skycat is one of the three most recent poems or not, so I looked up the direct link.  The newest stories and poetry are always listed on the landing page, for easy access to our regular readers.  Other poetry, fiction, and artwork can be found by clicking on those words on the left sidebar.)

Oh, and my story, An Afternoon Made of Stories, featuring the first glimpse in story of the deadly Others, is still available for sponsorship at $30, though the editing process has made it longer (and more exciting) than the first draft.  I expect it will go online for supporters only somtime this week or early next week.  (Incremental sponsorships are welcome--the story could be fully sponsored by one $30 sponsorship, or 3 $10 sponsorships, for example.  Sponsors are listed as Patrons of the story on the Torn World site, unless they request to remain anonymous.)  If the story is partially sponsored, I'll post an excerpt of the story here--something longer than just the teaser that's currently planned.

Edit: If you want to sponsor this story, there's a hat on my profile, just include a note what the sponsorship is for.


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