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Grandmother's Stories

Today, I'd like to share another song with you.

Grandmothers’ Stories

By: Deirdre M. Murphy

CHORUS:......When the chores get too hard and the day seems too long,
.......................Or the night is too scary, or a lecture too strong,
.......................Grandmother will be there with a story or two
.......................Just listen and enjoy, she won’t force lessons on you.

Diana was a girl like you, fearless, strong, and bold
She could string a really solid bow, and didn’t mind the cold
She brought home meat for her family instead of ‘broidery and lace
They might not have thought her ladylike, but she won her own place


Grandson, you’ll want to hear of Loki’s latest tricks
You’ll laugh when Thor grabs his hammer and gets only painted sticks
But it’s not so great when Loki needs a friend because he’s down
And no one helps, ‘cause all his tricks are the talk of every town.


Granddaughter, I’ll tell you now, a tale of love gone wrong
Of a young wife who did listen to the gossip in a song
She’d promised to not look upon her husband in the night
But he left her when she broke her word, and peeked by candle light.


And you, small one, I’ll tell a tale of a girl who wove and spun
Such wondrous garments, I tell you now, I wish I had just one,
She bragged that she was better than any Goddess at her loom
But the Goddess heard; she still weaves now, a spider in the gloom.


Copyright © 2003 and 2010 Deirdre M. Murphy (written June 17, 2003) Most Rights Reserved.
If somone wants chords, please ask.

As always, I love to hear from you!

Tags: #fridayflash, filk, music, poetry, song, writing

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