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Rose Moon

Honey Moon, Flower Moon, Moon of Horses, Green Corn Moon, Strawberry Moon, Windy Moon, Mead Moon…Well, although mead sounds good, windy is more apt. It’s definitely been windy—and wet—since new moon. After all the rain, I’m tempted to call this one Thunder Moon or Flood Moon, although happily my house isn’t flooded. At one point I did lean out a second story window and noted a pond where I definitely do NOT want one, so I went out in the rain with my trusty shovel and created a ditch in my lawn, letting the water flow away from the front porch and toward the small slope to the sidewalk. Now, before I put the grass and the lilies of the valley back, I need to see if we have a length of gutter (or even PVC pipe) I can lay under the grass. If so, I’ll make a bigger hole, line it with bricks, slope the ground toward it, and put a piece of that new water-permeable paving over that spot, to keep leaves & such out, and make a permanent (but invisible) path for water to run through there. (Wonder where they sell that stuff?)

At another point, we heard what A, who has watched tornados before, is certain was a twister of some sort, pretty far away. She figured it might have been a waterspout over Lake Michigan; I think it was more likely overhead and never touched down, since the news didn’t report anyone saw anything within hearing distance of our house.

Or maybe Lightning Moon would be appropriate, to honor both the storms and the singing tesla coils at Duckon (where, happily, it didn’t storm, or we wouldn’t have gotten to have man-made lightning outside the hotel).

But I think I’ll settle on Rose Moon, since today is the full moon, and today the storms are passed, the flood waters are slowly wending their way onward (and upward—the grass is at least four inches longer than it was before last weekend’s rain!) and at long last the roses are starting to bloom. Several weeks late, but I understand from F, who sells produce, that that’s true of everything this year. But the bonus is that we are NOT going to be at Duckon for the weekend when the roses are at their best! Rose Moon it is.


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Jun. 19th, 2008 01:51 am (UTC)
Sounds like you need a trip to Home Depot or Menards for your pipe and bricks and such.
Jun. 19th, 2008 11:02 pm (UTC)
I've GOT that stuff; lots of messy-looking bricks from the old kitchen chimney that we had to have taken most of the way down because it was developing ladder cracks. This is from the days when they had a wood-burning stove...it's an old house. It's the new water-permeable paving that I need to shop for, and hope it doesn't cost too much, or that they have a broken piece I can buy cheap!
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