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Dandelyon's Worlds

8 August
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I am a writer, artist, and musician. I have embarked on the rather scary endeavor of trying to support myself through my creative endeavors, and hope to achieve enough income before I run through my savings to not have to return to an office job.

My Life in Haiku (well, mostly) is on Twitter, where I'm also Wyld_Dandelyon.

As a kid, I wanted to know everything; reluctantly, I had to accept that’s impossible (and even have found that there are some things I'm perfectly happy to never know), but my interests remain wide. I think this is a large part of why I found Anthropology fascinating when I discovered it in college—everything about people and what they’re interested in (i.e. everything) is pertinent to that discipline. My life has also been shaped by the Muse of the Creative Arts, whose siren call ensures that I am always in the middle of at least several projects. The variety of things I am working on at any particular time is, sadly, limited by various factors, not least of which is the need to work full time. (Unfortunately, the Muse doesn’t provide even the most basic necessities for her devotees, much less computers, musical instruments, and art supplies. And I won't mention health insurance. Or maybe I will, in a post somewhen.)

This work is copyright by me. All rights reserved.

All posts © Deirdre M. Murphy as of their date of publication. You may publish links to my fiction and my Busking in Cyberland posts under this license; other public posts (and works derived from them) may be redistributed non-commercially for credit under the above-linked Creative Commons license; any other use needs my specific written (or digitally signed) permission. All photos are copyrighted, please ask if you want to use them. Locked posts should be considered confidential. Title to ALL posts and comments vest with myself (or the author of the comment); LiveJournal is an agent only and has no claim to anything posted here. It is my intent eventually to publish part or all of this separately.

If you like what you read, and want to encourage me to put more time into one or another of my projects, please let me know. Requests from people who sponsor me will get priority!

Friending policy: I'm trying to be careful how many journals I officially put on my reading list; I don't want reading LJ to take over all my time for writing. However, I love to meet new people. If you want to tempt me to spend time in your journal, please feel free to comment in mine, so I get to know you.

Edited entries: I do edit to fix typos, but lately, I seem to be editing nearly every entry to get rid of stupid [input][/input] html code that keeps cropping up, looking unsightly, and doing nothing useful. I'm guessing it's some interaction of the latest Firefox edition with LJ's coding, and I hope it goes away soon! *grumble* Oh, and in series, especially fiction, I go back when a new post is entered to add links so new readers can move quickly from chapter to chapter. The bulk of my edits are routine and very dull; I'm not going to ETA these routine and boring things.